Problems with "Part 2: Call a Jira API" in Forge Developer Tutorial

Hi community, after some classic JIRA/Confluence-Pugins, I feel it’s time to try the Forge way - and I need Your help:

Trying to implement the “Build a Jira hello world app” Tutorial; Part 1 runs like a charm, but in Part 2 I get the error “Error: Can’t wrap a non-transferable value (constructor: ‘Route’)” on the requestJira line … The issueId seems to be fine and the Route-Object seems to look good, too (outputting the object to console.log): Route { value_: ‘/rest/api/3/issue/T1ST-2/comment’ }

As I am stucked now - please enlight me (I assume, that I’ve missed something in my understanding of JavaScript, Node or so)…

Thanke You


:wave: Can you share the full index.jsx file that you have?

And just to confirm, you’re working through the Make an API call section of this guide?

Hi Alexander,

I had the exact same issue, it was caused by a missing import which can be easy to miss.

I had:

import {route} from "@forge/api";

And fixed with:

import api, {route} from "@forge/api";