Programmatically trigger External Directory sync


One of our customer has a workflow for user creation in their system. During this process, they want to automate Jira sync with their AD without having to go themselves in the user directory management page, and without setting a sync timer too small (to avoid spamming their AD server with requests.

So basically, when the issue tracking the user creation reaches the “User created” status, they want a post function to trigger the sync so the user can be added after that to a user picker field and used in other actions in the workflow.

We would like to use a scripted post function to perform this action. So we need either the REST endpoint (I don’t think it exists) or the java code to do this sync programmatically. Or maybe we could use a service? I know it is possible to trigger the run of a service in Jira with a little java code, so if the service is about sync of the user directories, this would do the trick.

Thanks for the help!