Project_deleted webhook is not triggered after project moved to trash

Hi Community,

I wonder if there any specifics about following Webhooks:

Project events

  • project_created
  • project_updated
  • project_deleted

I use following configuration to receive api call:

   "webhooks": [
        "event": "project_deleted",
        "url": "/api/v1/hook/project-deleted?projectId=${}",
        "excludeBody": false

However, it does not being called by JIRA Cloud instance after Project moved to trash. I checked APIs individually, they are fine. There are a few other non-project related hooks which works fine.

Any ideas why it may be a case?

Thank you

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The project_soft_deleted webhook is the one you want.


Thank you, David. It’s worked!

@david.pinn, where did you find it, please?

I took a quick look into documentation and cannot find it anywhere:

cc @dmorrow


This thread: Stateful Project in Jira Cloud - sign up for feature preview

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I’ve created JRACLOUD-75348 to ensure documentation includes these events.

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