Project list and associated permission groups via API


Looking to pull a list of all our JIRA projects and their associated permission groups using the API.

Aside from ‘Get Bulk Group’ I’ve not been able to achieve this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @LuisZuniga

For Jira Cloud, permissions for Projects are not assigned using Groups / Users, but using Roles / Actors.

Refer to the Project roles and Project role actors section of the REST API documentation for more information.

perhaps we are talking about two different things as I am pretty sure project permissions can be assigned to groups.

To clarify, I am looking to get a list of projects and all the associated groups that have been assigned permissions to that project.

For example. I create a project called MYPROJECT and create a group called STAFF-MYPROJECT. I grant permissions to the STAFF-MYPROJECT group and then assign that permission scheme to that MYPROJECT project.

Ill review the API links you added, but on first pass doesn’t quite look like what Im after.

Thank you

No problems. Sorry that I couldn’t be of help to you.