Project page navigation doesn't work properly for some team managed projects

We have submitted a new app for approval and find out that project page page navigation is not rendered if the project is a team managed project and using vertical navigation. This only happens for team managed projects which uses vertical navigation. If project’s navigation is rendered on the top, it works. Is there anything we can do about this?

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Hi @denizoguz thanks for asking!

At the moment the projects sidebar only works for company-managed projects,

Menu items in the navigation create entry points into your app. The navigation system includes extension points for the:

  • Top menu
  • Company-managed projects sidebar
  • Company-managed project settings
  • Jira settings
  • User profile menu

Extension points for team-managed projects are coming soon.

I’d say that’s why you’re running into this issue.

I’d recommend doing a check to see whether it’s a team-managed or company-managed project to prevent the app from rendering incorrectly in team-managed projects for the time being.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @mpaisley ,
Thanks for the answer. Yes, it is a team managed project. But it works for some team managed projects. It doesn’t work for some of them and it depends on how the project navigation is rendered (horizontal/vertical).

Can you tell me a bit more about your app? Are you using the jira:projectPage module - and if so can you share your configuration for that module in your manifest?

I’ve created a simple page using

    - key: learntoforge-project-page
      function: project-sidenav
      title: Learn Forge (Module Jira Project Page)


import ForgeUI, { ProjectPage, render, Text } from "@forge/ui";

const App = () => {
    return (
            <Text>Hello, world!</Text>
export const run = render(<App />);

and it is rendering vertically in both Team and Company managed projects (contrary to what the documentation states).

I’d like to understand how to reproduce what you’re seeing.

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You have to add multiple sections or pages, so that Forge will try to render it as a collapsable section. Error occurs when you expand it. Instead of listing all defined sections/pages, it renders a corrupt UI. Actually I have created a bug report for it, no one triaged it yet. Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira

  1. Create a new forge project using “jira-project-settings-page-custom-ui” template
  2. Update “projectSettingsPage" section as follows to add routes:
    - key: testps-hello-world-page
      resource: main
        function: resolver
      title: TestPS
        - pages:
            - title: Page 1
              route: /page1
            - title: Page 2
              route: /page2
        - header: " "
            - title: Help
              route: /help

Hi @denizoguz are you using UI Kit or Custom UI?

CustomUI. But, you don’t need to add any app logic. Just adding subpages to manifest.yml is enough to reproduce this issue. So, It should also happen when using UIkit.

OK thanks, I’ve replicated it now un CustomUI - so it works for business projects regardless of whether they’re team or company managed as they are horizontal but for software projects which are vertical there are problems for team managed projects but not company managed.
I’m still trying to determine whether this is due to this functionality not being implemented for team managed projects - leave it with me. I’ll update you soon.

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Hey @denizoguz, sorry I didn’t provide an update at the end of last week - I’m in a different timezone to the team working on this part of Forge and we’ve all just had a long weekend for Easter. They have confirmed the problem and worked out that the cause is actually not related to the module itself and will investigate a fix this week.