Project sidebar in Jira Cloud using Forge

Is it possible to add an entry to the project sidebar in Jira Cloud and render a page for this entry using Forge?

Here is the description for Connect, but is similar possibility available or planned for Forge?

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We are working on the admin global full-page, it will help with Forge apps configuration. When it comes to the extensibility of the project sidebar It is on our radar but we haven’t decided yet when to work on it. We are gathering interest.


Thanks for the update. Definitely interested in forge project sidebar extensibility.

If not already on the radar- reports in Jira seems like an ideal place for the forge framework- any comments?
Thanks for all the great work!

+1 for the project sidebar as it blocks porting my app from connect

+1 for the project sidebar, this is stopper for us to move from Connect to Forge