PSQLException relation does not exist. Active Objects

I am trying to save a relation between two objects. AT is an object that will have a Many to Many relationship with CT (which is an interface really, AT will actually have a relationship with with entities inheriting from CT, IT for example).

public interface AtToCt extends Entity {
	public AT getAT();
	public void setAT(AT at);
	public CT getCT();
	public void setCT(CT ct);

public interface CT extends Template {
	@ManyToMany(value = AtToCt.class)
	public AT[] getATs();

public interface AT extends Template {
	@ManyToMany(value = AtToCt.class)
	public CT[] getCTs();

public interface IT extends CT { }

public interface Template extends Entity { }

Here is the code saving the relation

final AtToCt atToct = ao.create(AtToCt.class);

The first line gives me an exception. The ct variable is an instance of IT. Both at and ct are valid entities taken from the database. ao is the ActiveObjects component from JIRA.

There was a SQL exception thrown by the Active Objects library:
	- name:PostgreSQL
	- version:9.4.11
	- minor version:4
	- major version:9
	- name:PostgreSQL Native Driver
	- version:PostgreSQL 9.4.1212

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: relation "public.AO_C3F116_AT_TO_CT_ID_seq" does not exist
  Position: 16