Pull contact data from SQL view

Was looking for ideas or plugins that would allow us to bring in data to a jira service desk ticket such as name, phone, email, company, etc. which is housed in a PostGRES view available to us. What we are looking for is when an agent is creating a ticket to be able to pull in customer data and store with the ticket as mentioned above. Just looking for options available or how others may be doing this. Thanks!

It would be possible to write an add-on for Jira that listens for issue creation events, and populates custom fields with the data in your PostGRES database. The add-on could alternatively provide a workflow post-function for that purpose.

Would you anticipate the user doing a search of some kind to find the relevant PostGRES record, or would the look-up be based upon a value entered into the Jira Service Desk issue at its creation?

Thanks for the reply. I think the way it needs to work is the caller is on the phone with our agent and they need to verify the info that it is really the caller. So they would need to look up before they even begin to log the ticket…almost like a contact search (name, or maybe even company?) to validate user info that is stored in another DB…hence the sql view. Then this data should be stored with the ticket logged.

I would strongly discourage using events with external systems since they are executed on the request thread (if the external system experiences lag - Jira will get slow which could in turn make other connections to the external system become slower which would make Jira slower, which would make the external system slower - you get the idea :slight_smile: ).

My suggestion would be to perhaps have the agents start in the second system where you can validate the date easily. Have it create the issue using rest and then redirect the user over to Jira. If the agents “live” in Jira - then use user properties and sync the important data over to Jira so you can check it locally. Then you could have a workflow validator (you’ll have to write it) that just rejects the creation of the issue.

I concur with @daniel; that’s a better idea.

You may want to check the nFeed add-on.

This integrates data from external sources (including relational databases) into Jira custom fields. Your use case sounds like a good fit.