Pull Request unreviewed changes never updates

The Bitcbucket Server REST API has the ability to request the list of unreviewed changes for a specific pull request. This list appears to never change. By this I mean when a user clicks on a file in the pull request to review it, the display of that file changes from bold to normal to indicate that they’ve read (or reviewed) that file similar to the way Crucible works. However, the results of that REST API query still contain those same files that the user just reviewed.

The other aspect of this is the REST API appears to only have the ability to request the information for the current authenticated user. So if I were wanting to get that same information for other users involved in the pull request, I don’t see how to do it using the REST API.

Am I missing something?

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I assume you’re referring to the /rest/api/1.0/projects/{projectKey}/repos/{repositorySlug}/pull-requests/{pullRequestId}/changes call.

Individual file tracking is both performed and stored on the browser. The backend isn’t involved at all, so that is unavailable from the REST API. The “unreviewed” state mentioned in the REST API documentation refers to our iterative review feature, which tracks reviewed commits (PR commits are marked as reviewed when a user clicks “Approved” or “Needs work”; if the author pushes more changes, the reviewer will only see the new commits).

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Thank you very much for the clarification. I was not able to figure that out from the API documentation. Maybe it’s actually clear, I just didn’t pick that up.