Pulling Data from SQL into Jira Cloud

Im new to Jira API’s and trying to figure out if the below is possible within jira cloud.

We have a PLM system that has a SQL backend behind our firewall and within our Jira Cloud environment we have a a custom workflow that when it hits a specific status, users are required to input data into a particular screen.

Within the PLM system they have a Control # and each Control # has a current status value. on jira when a users hits a transition and they are prompted to enter the control # from the PLM system, we would like it to populate the current status as well.

In essence, we would need the Control # Field on Jira to make an API call to the PLM system to retrieve all the Control #'s and once the user selects the control #, then it’s status is posted on the jira screen as well.

The reason why we would want the status to populate is most of the time, the users on jira does not have access to the PLM system, but they have been provided the control # at the start of the issue but they have no visibility to its current status. A trigger would most likely need to set up as well so that when the PLM system control # status changes, Jira gets that updated status too

I would like to tackle the first part about seeing if jira cloud can make an api call to retrieve data from a SQL back end?
Trying to evaluate to level of tis request and what i might take if possible in the cloud environment.