Purchase order / OTS agreement customer request

We have had a large company reach out to us to request a specific PO agreement/OTS agreement due to some changes in federal regulations it seems they need it directly from us rather than going through the Atlassian market place. Their standard agreement has some indemnification clauses that are concerning & I know that Atlassian doesn’t do that. From their location I don’t believe the GDPR applies but have skimmed through some of the posts/articles on that and can’t find anything clarifying.

They let us know that “Federal financial regulations, however, have evolved over the past year. We are in need of a governing document for this purchase.”

Has anyone dealt with this? If so how did you handle it? any advice/thoughts would be helpful.

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The Atlassian Vendor Agreement doesn’t allow vendors to sell direct to customers, unless the Vendor is also an Atlassian Solution Partner or an Authorized Reseller.
For companies and government agencies that have these sorts of requirements, we point them to SHI which is an Authorized Reseller that’s also already approved by most government agencies and large companies.


Thank you for your answer. They still want to go through the market place the just want this additonal documentation. I will ask if SHI is an option.