Push = 502 BAD GATEWAY

I’ve been desperately trying to push an urgent update live for the past 2 hours but it just will not work…!!!

I keep getting 502 bad gateway. This happened before but it sorted itself out very quickly last time. This time it hasn’t done and there are many updates that HAVE to go live today but I can’t.


hg push --new-branch -f default
abort: HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway
pushing to https://@bitbucket.org//******
searching for changes
Completed with errors, see above

There are 2 images and a bunch of code updates - not much int he grand scheme of things. What can I do to resolve this? Making this thread because I’m getting desperate now

Thank you

Quick edit: I am using Mecirual on a Macbook with Sourcetree

I would suggest posting this over at https://community.atlassian.com (the user community) since there will more than likely a lot more folks running into this issue there. This site is more geared towards development of things around Atlassian.

That said it sounds like there is an error one the Atlassian side - have you dropped in a support ticket?

Thank you Daniel, I’ve reasked the question here:

For anyone who may find this in the future if this thread is not deleted.