Quarterly reminder to submit your Request to be featured tickets

Hi all!

We’re almost to October and there is one more week left this quarter to submit requests for Staff Picks and featured apps in our category pages on Marketplace. Please make sure to submit your requests by end of day on September 31st. I’ll review any tickets that come in before that date and all other tickets submitted after will be evaluated during the next round of submissions.

Also a few tips on submission requests

  • Staff Picks are the most requested. One Staff Pick request and a secondary category request is the best way to get your app selected for a least one of your choices.
  • We’ve added some new categories for the “apps for every team” campaign and also UPM.
  • Please remember the limit of 3 and make sure no one else on your team has also filed tickets.



Hi Emilee,
September 31st means October 1st, right? :wink:
I have just submitted the request for File Field!