Question about app approval process


I submitted my first app to the marketplace and it has been pending for approval since last 2 weeks.

There is a link to a service desk ticket on the approval screen but I do not have access to that ticket. If I try to open it then it says “You do not have permission to view this request.” I sent an email to to grant me access to that ticket a week ago but that is not accessible yet.

Yesterday I got one email:

Subject: AMKTHELP-XXXXX Marketplace Approval for <APP_NAME>

Thank you for submitting your app to the Atlassian Marketplace! To continue with the review process, please complete this survey <survey_link>. We’d love to understand how to better support you on our developer platform.

Once you’ve completed the survey, please let us know via this ticket. Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated.

I have completed the survey and after that there is no update. The app status is still “pending approval”

Is this a normal approval process?

Hello Rajeev,

In my experience, this email is sent either after your app is approved or if it is rejected for some reason. You should be able to see Atlassian’s comments in the ticket (before that you need to fix your access issue).

You might also want to go to marketplace page where you published the app and check the status over there if it is still marked as private or something else.

In any case reaching out to Atlassian support should get you more answers on what happened in the app review process.


Hi Sanket,

Thanks for replying. Do you have any idea on what is the best way to reach out to Atlassian support for this issue. Last time I sent email to but there is no response.


Try this

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Just reply “done” in the ticket. Pretty sure the survey response has no callback integration with the ticket.

That compulsory “mate, why didn’t you use Forge?!” survey is hilariously annoying. I’ve answered it so many times by just mashing the first option that I’m sure I’ve ruined the data.

Regarding wait times, welcome to the Atlassian developer experience. When I first started not a single tutorial in the documentation worked. My first app had a 6 week approval time (2+ weeks is typical currently). Support requests take at least 3-4 weeks for a response. Expect bugs to never be fixed, just build whatever hacky workaround you can.

For my own customers I typically reply to their emails within an hour (if I’m awake) and I deploy all bug fixes and most feature requests same-day. They’re so used to dealing with poor support from Atlassian that my responsiveness surprises the shit out of them.

Good luck and congrats on your first app :slight_smile:

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