Question related to licensing

I am in the middle of developing my first connect macro for confluence. I have a question on licensing.

Do I need to check the license in my code? I mean, do I need to restrict a user from accessing my app without purchasing? My understanding is that the atlassian framework should take care of this and my code may leave it to atlassian to check and restrict the unlicensed users. This is not very clear from documentation. Please help.


Check for lic=active or lic=none in the request parameters.

hi @david
Thanks for replying. But my question is different. My question is whether I need to add that check in my code or nor. I mean check something like this

if lic != active {
 //  disables the app

I am assuming if the lic != active then the confluence itself will not allow users to use my app if my app is a paid app. I want to ask whether my assumption is true or not.

Sorry for the half answered question.

Yes, you need to handle this yourself. Check for lic=none request parameter and display some HTML to represent an unlicensed macro state.

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