RankBeforeIssue Jira Cloud Api


Currently I am developing a webapp for viewing projects, issues etc. in an enhanced environment. All of my API calls are using the following url:


My website uses the Jira OAUTH 2.0 flow and works fine, I use the authentication token for authorization.

On a specific user action I would like to update the rank of an issue in Jira. After googling I found some apis that had a rankBeforeIssue field. Sadly I could not find these methods in the documentation of the Jira Cloud api.

The apis that used the rankBeforeIssue field are Greenhopper api v1 and agile api v1.
After trial and error I found out i could not use a combination of my Auth token and cloudId with the older Apis.

My question is:
Is there a way to use the Jira Cloud api v3 to rank an issue?

If the answer is no, can I still use my cloudId and Auth token to call the greephopper api or the agile api?