Reactions in Stride: Want to make something similar for Confluence Server


Hi there,

We have an internal hackathon and our team is working on a new app for Confluence Server that allows you to add reactions to pages and page comments. Our hackathon lasts just a few days and we are actively working on the app. A prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

We want to use the Reactions Atlas Kit component, which is used in reactions in Stride.

However, we encountered a few problems.
Problem #1. We can’t activate the ‘Add your own emoji’ button that lets users upload new emojis of their choice.
Here’s what we have in our code:

const emojiProvider = new EmojiResource({
    providers: [
        {url: 'emoji'}
    allowUpload: true

<li className='comment-action-reaction'>
        onReactionClick={emojiId => reactionsProvider.toggleReaction(containerAri, demoAri, emojiId)}

But the ‘Add your own emoji’ button doesn’t appear. We even tried logging emojiProvider in console.
But emojiProvider.isUploadSupported() returns false
Any idea how to activate the ‘Add your own emoji’ button?

Problem #2. When a user clicks ‘add reaction’ icon, they see a placeholder with a set of default reactions.

We want a different behavior - a dialog with a full list of reactions opens when clicking ‘add reaction’ icon. We didn’t find a way to disable the placeholder with default emojis. So we we’d appreciate help with that.

Problem #3. We don’t understand what ari and containerAri are (what problems they solve, what they are needed for). It’d be great if someone could clarify.

Kind regards,
Katerina [StiltSoft]