Read this for "Error: Account does not have app creation enabled"

First, you must make sure your email address is associated with a verified Atlassian Account. That means you have signed up for an Atlassian Account here, and verified your email address using the confirmation email. It takes 24 to 48 hours for new Atlassian Accounts to propagate through our internal systems, and we cannot onboard you to Forge until this has occurred.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for Forge here. This is required, and ensures we have enough information to onboard you to Forge.

If you have already done the above, and still haven’t been onboarded within 3 days, please reply to this topic with your first name, last name and company name that you entered in the above signup form. Please do not post your email address, as this topic is publicly visible to the internet.

Please check your spam folders, as the onboarding email might end up there. You might also not receive the onboarding email if you’ve ever unsubscribed from Atlassian marketing emails. However, the email isn’t required for you to start using Forge.

Thanks, and looking forward to having you on Forge soon!