Reading board entity properties from Java

Does anyone know how to read entity properties related to Jira Software primitives from Java in a plugin?

For context I’m working on migration from Server/DC to Cloud using JCMA.

For Jira Core primitives like Projects and Issues we have ProjectPropertyService and IssuePropertyService but there doesn’t seem to be equivalents for the Jira Software primitives. I need to read entity properties stored against Agile Boards and Sprints.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Should I try to read them straight out of the database? Can I do that?

For future reference I jumped down a layer and used:

You can perform queries using the .query() method, which is quite handy for getting EntityProperties associated with your add-on:

Here is an example:

        final List<EntityProperty> properties = jsonEntityPropertyManager.query()