Really like to edit the HTML Create or Edit issue modal/dialog in some way!

The usecase is for one or more of my customers:

They need to provide a filtered set of standard field values on issue creation. E.g. for some clients version X may not be selected, but version Y may, for the versions field.

You already provided Custom UI. What about “UI override”?


Idea: What about returning a DOM “hook”, where the developer can do basic DOM operations to edit the html e.g. on page load/refresh?

Hi @jonas,

You may be able to satisfy their use case by creating a new custom field and use that instead of the standard field. You can create a UI Kit app as your custom field. See:

Hi @mventnor, of course that is a great proposal. But not the solution. I know you as protector of the Realm need to supply these answers, since you all internally must have knowledge now, that partners, vendors and developers think that the Connect/Forge solution is very limiting creatively, and one step backwards for innovation.

Im looking for a flexible solution, that makes sure my customers can get the requirements solved. Right now, Connect/Forge is not ready for their needs. I suppose it never will be. Making custom javascript loadable though, will be a 0.5 step ahead.

Now Im just brainstorming: why not let the customer decide if they want to allow a Cloud Addon more rights, e.g. addon scripts fetched from addon server. E.g. allow it, as you already do with “scopes”. This will be a major increment, and making your Connect/Forge platform more eatable for devs.

Would be great to have that possibility, yes! Right now I am playing around with an app where I would like to “decorate” page content via JS and/or CSS and as I see this is not possible, right? Or show some UI elements during typing of special characters (like the user overlay in @-mentions).