Received Sql Statement instead of Webhook data in confluence cloud

Hi All,

I have created addon in confluence cloud that gives me webhook data on any change in page or blog,
The data is received is not invalid JSON format, below is the data mentioned I receive

Executing (default): SELECT `id`, `clientKey`, `key`, `val` FROM `AddonSettings` AS `AddonSetting` WHERE `AddonSetting`.`key` = 'clientInfo' AND `AddonSetting`.`clientKey` = '299e7469-fb13-335c-8848-5b362913375c' LIMIT 1; { plain: true,
raw: false,
logging: [Function],
where: '`AddonSetting`.`key` = \'clientInfo\' AND `AddonSetting`.`clientKey` = \'299e7469-fb13-335c-8848-5b362913375c\'',
limit: 1,
hooks: true,
rejectOnEmpty: false,
originalAttributes: [ 'id', 'clientKey', 'key', 'val' ],
attributes: [ 'id', 'clientKey', 'key', 'val' ],
tableNames: [ 'AddonSettings' ],
type: 'SELECT',
model: AddonSetting,
uuid: 'default',
inMemory: 1,
readWriteMode: undefined }
POST /comment-removed?lic=none 204 21.732 ms - -

I have added credentials in my credentials.json file and my webhook object in Atlassian-connect.json is mentioned below

 “modules”: {
     “webhooks”: [
               “event”: “page_created”,
               “url”: "/page-created"

And how do get a webhook notification on different URL,
Can someone please help me to solve this issue.

Kuldeep Kushwaha

@webmethodsintegratio The output you see looks like it is debugging output from sequelize, and not webhook output.

I asked in the other exact thread you created if you’re using Atlassian Connect Express(ACE)? Can you confirm this?

If so then you’d be using Sequelize with something like in-Memory storage or SQLite3 to do persistence storage.

We’ll need more information about how your building to be able to help.

However this does look like expected output from ACE. We’ll need more info if you think the JSON is malformed.