Receiving webhooks for profile change?

Are there any actions generated for user level webhooks that will be sent when a user changes his profile? e.g. name, avatar, etc.

I’d expect updateMember actions to fire for those.

I created a webhook and set the webhook idModel to the user’s ID. If I’m changing something with the user, like modify board name, create list, etc. the webhooks are sent correctly, but when I’m updating my avatar, or changing my name in the profile section, no webhook is sent.

Am I doing something wrong?

Nope, after doing some local testing I’ve found that my expectations were wrong.

It looks like we stopped sending updateMember action types over a year ago.

And will this be re-started?; or is there any other way of getting update member webhooks?

Also the documentation lacking about this, how can I help to make it more complete?

We don’t have any plants to re-start it.

I don’t think that there is a way to get this data via webhooks. The only place that we expose this info is in our compliance polling route: