Recent changes to "support" section of listings

Hi -

I’m wondering if there have been recent changes to the vendor support section of marketplace listings.

I can’t prove this, but I believe that a recent change has caused our 24/7 emergency contact number, and contact email address, to be copied into the Support -> Contact section of the listing.

We don’t offer support via phone or email, and have never, only via our service desk.

We removed the phone number and email address in the Manage Vendor section of MAC… the phone number is now no longer displayed but the email still is. Sampling a number of other vendors listings page this seems to be the case with everyone.

Has something changed?

cheer,s jamie

Disappointing not to get any response on this, when I hear it’s now a confirmed MAC bug.

Hi @jechlin -

Sorry for the delay here. I think you may be referring to two different issues; both of which are being addressed.

The changes to the support section for listings were made last March. The details about exposing the email and phone number from the Support Details section on the Manage Vendor page were included in this Google Group announcement. We mistakenly released with the email address from the Contact Details section, not the Support Contact section but have since fixed the issue. Neither contact details nor support contact fields are required.

Regarding the MAC bug, this issue was reported to us through The bug is an error with MAC that displays “Request Support” which links to next to all licenses, including those that are paid via Atlassian. We are currently blocked internally on getting the links changed so that customers are not mis-directed to the wrong support team. I’ve been communicating status of the fix though the ticket.

Hope that helps. Again sorry for the delay!