Recommended Chat Bots

I’m automating several things within our environments. We host a public website in PCF with Azure as a backend cloud provider. Our central hub for communicating everything is HipChat. We have dozens of integrations with the hipchat api (such an understatement). To limit and control input to my backend scripts, along with adding other functionality. I want to add a layer of USER intelligible logical interaction between HipChat, a chat bot with offerings, and my backend automation which will allow users options to fix things themselves. Instead of giving a phone call to… well, “he who must not be named”.

I’ve looked at HuBot, it looks like it would be sufficient for what i need… but i’m lacking community perspective and was wondering if any of you out there have already covered this topic in another post. Is there a better bot? How are you doing your integration? What’s your plan for migrating to Stride?

Sorry if this topic is already covered but i did a ton of searching and couldn’t find the same conversation. Please link me the previous conversation if it exists.

Hi @david.ryhn,

thank you for asking your question, as you are asking about the perspective of other Atlassian users I would like to point you towards the Atlassian User Community.

You are currently in the Atlassian Developer Community, which is focussed on developers who are building apps on top of our products.

This is a much smaller community, and therefore it might be more difficult for you to get an answer to your question.

I’m definitely interested in all the integrations you’ve built on top of HipChat, and this would be the perfect community to talk about those.

But for your question around different bots, I would recommend you asking the bigger User Community.