Redirect or button redirect in UI Kit

Please, I want to add a redirect to button UI kit is this possible? I have tried but I can’t see any option.

This component did not really solve my issue because I cannot use the button style

As far as I know, this is not currently possible. In Custom UI it is possible via router.navigate found in the Custom UI bridge:

This is a long-standing and meanwhile frequent request, and we even managed to file duplicate issues for it ourselves, so please watch and vote for both until the Atlassian team has re-triaged the issues:


Hi team, we have discussed this feedback internally and the reason why it has taken so long is because there was some talk to re-use the router API across UI kit — otherwise it would be a pretty quick addition to the button. I’ll push this discussion forward again with a view to finalize something.


Hi team, thanks for all the feedback and especially your patience. We’ll be shipping this small feature in a near-future release — I’m also working on figuring out how we can more quickly and definitively respond to such feedback.

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