Reduce Time out in Trello

Hi, sometimes we are receiving time-outs making API requests to Trello. Automatically, we have implemented 4 attempts if there is not any response from Trello after 5 seconds. After 4 attempts, an alarm is sent to our system.

Basically, we are thinking about how we could reduce the number of time-outs from Trello. Currently, our API key is shared across all our power-ups (PU) and maybe, Trello could be throwing time-outs because we are exceeding the API rate limit by that API Key.

If that’s the case, do you think that if we implement one key per PU could reduce these time-outs? Also, we would like to know which is the impact of this change:

1 . What is the impact on the PU metrics? Are they counted by API Key or PU ID?
2. Once we change the API do we get back to the previous one if something goes wrong?
3. What is the impact on the private data of a PU?

Any more impact?

Do you have any other suggestion to reduce it?

Thanks :wink:

Hi! I’m one of the developers here at Trello. I’ll try my best to answer your questions:

First of all, you are correct that having one API key per Power-Up will reduce time-outs. In fact, it is recommended that each Power-Up uses its own API key as a general practice. Please see the “Managing Your API Key” documentation for more information.

And about your other questions:

  1. Power-Up metrics are based off of Power-Up ID, so changing your API key should have no affect.
  2. Changing API key’s doesn’t affect the previous API key. If you need to switch back, simply do so.
  3. If by data you are talking about pluginData, changing API keys also doesn’t affect pluginData. pluginData is tracked by Power-Up ID, which is not affected by changing API keys.

Changing API keys will require you to re-authenticate with your users, since your users’ existing tokens will be tied to your previous API key. However assuming your authentication process is smooth, I don’t see that being a problem.

I hope that helps! Please let me know if you need more clarification on anything.


Hey Jireh, thank for your answer. Very useful.

I made a test trying to switch back the previous key in case of something would be wrong and I didn’t achieve it with the current config PU. Basically, I had to delete it and create a one new with the previous config.

Once, the new API is generated, I don’t know an easy way to update a previous one. Is there an approach to it?