Reference Pre-Populated Development Tenant

I am new to developing an app for Jira.
As part of the development kit does Atlassian provide a reference pre-populated development tenant for Jira which has “x” no of projects, issues, screens etc… already present?

I have signed-up for the developer tenant, which is great, but does not have any data to try the app with.

Any recommendation on how to automate populating a test tenant with a variety of projects workflows etc…?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations.

@Vish welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

Atlassian does not currently provide any kind of developer data sets. While I understand how these can be useful for exploring “what is possible”, the most common request is as test data. For example, developers looking for performance testing often wish Atlassian would provide, if not endorse, a data generator.

That said, I regularly use Bug Magnet to help create sample data. That’s why my own dev instance is full of projects with common web-testing scenarios (reads like so many jokes about testers walking into a bar):

Thank you @ibuchanan - Appreciate your pointers.