Refresh Issue Page without reloading IFrame

Hi there,

we are developing a connect app for Jira Cloud and Jira Service Desk. We have implemented a functionality where we add a new comment to an issue via API. For the created comment to show up we need to do a refresh of the issue view. We are currently doing this with…


Unfortunately this is also refreshing (reloading) the plugins IFrame (Glance --> WebPanel on the right side of the issue page) which is uneccesarry in our case. Any way of reloading the issue page WITHOUT reloading the app IFrame?


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Which bits do you need to have reloading?

Refreshing/reloading the comment section of the issue would be sufficient.

I don’t think that exists - but I might be wrong. I think the only thing you can do is the refreshIssuePage which I’ve been warned might cause user experience issues (if the user is editing at the same time). @mjensen - don’t know if you’re around or have any suggestions?