Register a dynamic module for a specific project


I’m looking for a chance to register a dynamic module within a specific project.

My scenario: I want to activate parts of my app in specific jira projects.

In the documentation I didn’t found any information about this possibility.

Is that even possible?

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Patrick

You should be able to register a module along with a condition that will tell Jira to show the module only in a given set of projects. The Jira expression condition can be used to implement this kind of logic.


Hey @kkercz

Thanks for your answer. Your hint with the condition and Jira expression condition helped me.

My solution in the atlassian-connect.json was:

     "key": "my-key",
      "name": {
             "value": "my-value"
       "url": "/my-site",
       "weight": 1,
       "conditions": [
                    "condition": "entity_property_equal_to", 
                    "params": {
                            "entity": "project", 
                            "propertyKey": "my-property-key", 
                            "objectName": "my-property-object", 
                           "value": "true"

Regards, Patrick