Registering file handler for diff view

Hi all,

I’m writing a plugin to show my own source view and diff view for different file types. I have the plugin working with Bitbucket server 5.16.0, but when upgrading to version 6.4.0 the diff view no longer works. It doesn’t look like my file handler is being called. I see the resource being downloaded, but the callback never gets called in the diff view. Looking at the documentation from the following link:

It doesn’t look like any of the behavior changed from 5.16.0 to 6.4.0. Was the diff view support removed? If so, how can I have my plugin show my own diff view?


EDIT: I found this link saying diff views are no longer supported. Is there a new way I could do this exact behavior? I’d like to render my own diff for binary files.


Hey @jesusshuttleworth, unfortunately, that’s no longer possible. You can’t register custom renderers on diff view. If you would like to request for that feature you can use raise a feature request ticket at