Relation between Bitbucket "Develop Apps" and public marketplace apps?


I’ve been testing a private app in the marketplace.
In order to test it I needed to Register it under my BitBucket Workspace, under “Develop Apps”.

My question is -
When the app is public, is this also needed?
What is the relation between that Bitbucket workspace to the app?
This is currently the place where I can see my app’s secret - is there another way to see it?


Hi @AvnerSorek,
yes - when you want to make your app public, you use the same mechanism to create your app. You can then submit it to the marketplace to get it published.
In case you were wondering: end users will not be able to see to which workspace the app belongs to.

I hope this answers your questions?

Hey @JeroenDeRaedt

How do I submit the app to the marketplace?

Thanks for the help