Release Candidate for Jira 8.6 is out!

If you haven’t had time to test Jira 8.6 yet, now it’s the last call. Download the Release Candidate from this page and check it out. It has all the features planned for Jira 8.6 (a full list is available here) and it’s the last chance to test before the official 8.6 release.

If you’re using, make sure to download 8.6.0-m0005.

Should you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,

The Jira team


Hi @mmichalak -
Thank you - this Release Candidate announcement is great. I really appreciate it.

Can you share the earliest date that 8.6 would be released? Not necessarily asking when it will be released, just is there a “no sooner than” date.


Hi @adam,
It’s great to hear that the announcement is helpful.
As you know we cannot commit to a specific date, but I can share that we are targeting December and a “no sooner than” date would be Monday 16th December.
I hope this is helpful.

Hi @mkowalska -
Thanks for the note about Dec 16!


It’s great that we now have the RC before GA. But previously you said you would give us at least a couple of days.

RC on Friday afternoon (UK time) with the intention to release on Monday is barely one business day.


You guys asked for suggestions to improve. Thanks for starting here but it feels like starting on a low level to have plenty room for improvement. Just to note a few:

  • Don’t do this over the weekend (just as @jechlin pointed out above)
  • actively notify vendors (eg by posting it to the vendors only section)
  • I could list more but need to go testing right now…