Release Candidate for Jira 8.7 is now available

With 8.7 just round the corner, this is the last change to test its new features before the release.
8.7 will bring GDPR-related changes, PostgreSQL 11 and Aurora Postgress 11.4 support, AUI bump to version 8.6.0, and a few more goodies. Read more about them here.
To get this release candidate, simply download it from this page. If you’re using, make sure to download 8.7.0-m0005.

Should you have any questions, feel free to post them below.

Happy testing,
The Jira Team


Hi @mmichalak -
Thank you for the notice. This is very helpful.

Are there any changes between EAP3 and the Release Candidate? (we did our tests on EAP3 and we’re ready for 8.7 if there’s no changes in the RC)


Good to know. So, what are the chances of getting the EAP feed aligned with the artifacts published to (and elsewhere)? See my post on Using the EAP feeds to automatically test my app.


Thanks, good to know. I read that as the notification based on this change, right?

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Hey David,
yes, this is correct.

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hey Adam,
We fixed a few things but functionality-wise, it’s the same.

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@mmichalak thanks :slight_smile: Could you also release EAP docker images? That would be great help. The confluence team already does it and it helps me a lot. Thanks.

My deploy chain is based on the official docker images.

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@mmichalak -

Thank you.

Separately - would it be possible to make Jira 8.7 available in the compatibility selector ahead of time in the Marketplace? Perhaps once the RC is ready?