Relocating a Connect app and it's atlassian-connect.json descriptor

Question regarding moving a Connect app (including it’s descriptor) to a different URL.

We have some Connect apps hosted on Heroku, under the default {app name} URLs.

These apps were created many years ago, and in hindsight we realised after the fact that it would have been better to set these up using domain names that we own, so that we could transparently change the hosting provider without impacting how customers access the apps.

So that’s what we’re looking to do now, retrospectively.

For one of these apps, we have so far successfully completed the following steps:

  1. Configured a new DNS name that the app will be hosted under going forward, CNAME’d to the existing * name
  2. Configured TLS certificates for the new name
  3. Deployed an updated atlassian-connect.json descriptor, with the baseUrl set to the new domain name
  4. Confirmed that the descriptor can be reached at https://{new domain}/atlassian-connect.json
  5. Confirmed that Marketplacebot successfully detected the updated descriptor, and automatically created a new minor version in the Marketplace listing
  6. Upgraded our own host product instance to the new minor version of the app
  7. Confirmed that the Connect iframe is served from the new domain

This was all done a number of weeks ago, and all appears to have worked seamlessly. We have received no reports of any issues from our customers.

One thing remains however:

In the vendor portal, when we look at the latest version (the one created by Marketplacebot when it saw the updated descriptor), it still displays the old * descriptor URL:


It would seem that although the app is being correctly served from the new location, the Marketplace listing still shows (and perhaps Marketplacebot is still watching?) the old URL.

Has anyone successfully relocated a Connect app/descriptor to a different URL before, and if so did you need to manually create a new version in the Vendor portal and specify the new URL?

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I have just moved on of our apps to a new domain. Also, I have changed the url routing to atlassian-connect.json descriptor. So, overall changes I have made:
https://domainA/atlassian-connect.json => https://domainB/api/atlassian-connect.json

I have manually created new version by giving new url to descriptor. All works for now. However I see valid urls for both old and new version (new version has changed url to descriptor under marketplace ui).

So I don’t confirm your “one thing remains” issue.

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Thanks. So it sounds like the difference is that you created a new version manually.

I’ll try that and see what happens.

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