Removal of deprecated code in Atlassian SAL


In the enterprise data center platform team we are preparing for the next major release of our Platform, with that comes some new deprecations and our intent to remove deprecated code. The latest deprecations for Atlassian Shared Access Layer (SAL) can be found in version 4.6.0 which was released on 2021-10-13T13:00:00Z.

Alongside the new deprecations, we intend to remove some existing deprecations from Atlassian SAL as part of the next major platform release. At your earliest convenience please where possible migrate to alternative code paths once the host product supports the above version of Atlassian SAL.

Migration Guide

Please see our Atlassian SAL deprecation guide for code we plan to remove in a future Platform release.


@BillyMcCarthy It would be quite helpful if you could add some information what the earliest host app versions (Confluence/Jira) are that provide alternatives for the methods you are about to remove now.

This would allow us to get a better understanding of what version range we can still support, if we change to the alternatives right now.



I don’t have official dates for either unfortunately at the moment. I anticipate Jira will have a compatible version first as it will be the first product to release with the new Platform changes in Jira 9. I’ll reach out to some of the Jira team to see when they will have all the deprecations and update this thread with that information.

That would also be helpful, but not what I meant originally. Sorry if the way I phrased it was a bit ambiguous.
I was wondering what the oldest (earliest) versions of the host apps were that introduced the alternatives. With this information we can then first decide if we can drop support for versions older than that, and if so, compile against that version while switching to the alternatives. Or if we still need to support those versions and therefore need to postpone migration for some time.


The earliest version using SAL 4.6.0 has not been released into a product.
Some of the deprecations on the page may have been introduced earlier, and may even exist in the latest releases of the products.
With that being said, currently, Confluence 7.14 is using SAL 4.1 and Jira 8.19 is using SAL 4.2.
So with that, Confluence’s latest version will be missing any deprecations added since 4.2, and Jira’s latest will be missing any since 4.3.
Sorry as this is not exactly what you’re asking for at the moment but I won’t have time to immediately cross-reference all of the deprecations in SAL.
Hope this is helpful to you.

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