Removal of deprecated code in Atlassian Webhooks


In the enterprise data center platform team we are preparing for the next major release of our Platform, with that comes some new deprecations and our intent to remove deprecated code. The latest deprecations for Atlassian Webhooks can be found in version 6.3.0 which was released on 2021-07-15T14:00:00Z.

We intend to remove some existing deprecations from Atlassian Webhooks as part of the next major platform release. At your earliest convenience please where possible migrate to alternative code paths once the host product supports the above version of Atlassian Webhooks.

Migration Guide

Please see our Atlassian Webhooks deprecation guide for code we plan to remove in a future Platform release.


The link gives me an error “You’ve stumbled on a restricted space”. Would be nice to see the details of what’s getting deprecated :slight_smile:

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Hey @MarkusKoller I’m looking into why this is the case, as someone else from the ecosystem was already able to view and comment on the page, are you viewing as an anonymous user of this space or are you logged into an account when you try to view the page?

@BillyMcCarthy hmm I was logged in and tried joining the workspace now, which didn’t work at first (I still seemed to be logged out) but now after refreshing I can see the page!

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Awesome thanks for confirming!

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