Remove user's count from Jira consent screen

I have created the OAuth 2.0 3LO app in the developer console and have completed the necessary setups that are required to get an access token.
So, Now when I try to get an access token I get the consent screen by JIRA as below:

In this screen I want to remove or hide user’s count which is highlighted with green border.
Does anyone have idea how can we remove or hide this details?

Hi @HarshModhiya ,

As far as I’m aware, there is no way to make changes to that consent screen for us developers. Considering that the number of users who already use an app is seen as a trust signal by many users and guides their decision on whether to consent or not. Removing parts of that screen would make it less useful as a trust signal, so I doubt that’s on Altassian’s radar.

Having said that, the consent screen itself is supposed to go away at some point in the future: We're removing the allow access prompt for Forge apps

Best regards,