Removed migration mappings

The following mappings appear to have been removed from the migration mappings list:

  • jira:priority
  • jira/classic:issueType

They are no longer listed on the page:

but can be seen on the cached version:

Does anyone know why they were removed? Are those entities retaining the same IDs after migration?


Hi Robert,

I’ve had a look at

and I can see jira/classic:issueType is still listed. As for jira:priority I can see it is only used in the example request endpoint on both the current page and cached page, and isn’t listed on either page.

It looks like jira:priority is for Jira Software migration, but I’ll check the status.

Can you confirm if you can retrieve data for these namespaces?
Are they ones that you need to for your App to migrate correctly?


Hi James,

Thanks for replying. I’m sure that jira/classic:issueType was missing from the API doc when i made the post, but does appear to be there now.

My app requires the issue type mapping, not the priority mappings. I only mentioned it because when I compared the two pages (cached and live), those were the 2 mappings that had been removed.


Hi @robertc

We’ve logged this issue as [MIG-502] Enable Jira nested mappings in the App migration platform which is currently being fixed. Please become a watcher of the ticket and we’ll update when the fix has been released.

Hope this helps.