Removing one component and adding another is two changes in history

If you change multiple labels (remove one, add another), it’s a single item in a history like this:

"items": [ { "field": "labels", "fieldtype": "jira", "from": null, "fromString": "foo", "to": null, "toString": "bar" } ]
But if you remove one component and add another, it will be two separate items: one setting that component to nothing:
`{ “field”: “Component”, “fieldtype”: “jira”, “from”: “21973”, “fromString”: “HR”, “to”: null, “toString”: null }

And then the other setting the component from nothing to the one you’re setting

{ “field”: “Component”, “fieldtype”: “jira”, “from”: null, “fromString”: null, “to”: “29866”, “toString”: “bar” }

This makes it very challenging to figure out what the issue looked like when it was created. I suspect the difference is because labels don’t have keys and components do. But it’s still frustrating and inconsistent.