Renaming a Forge application

Hello !

Is it possible to rename a Forge application ? I’ve changed the in the manifest.yml and re-deployed the app, but I can see any change in the developer console or on instance UPM.

My deployed manifest:

    - key: rename-me-hello-world-project-page
      function: main
      title: myJiraProjectPage
    - key: main
  id: <removed>
  name: app-with-new-name

The developer console (rename-me is the initial name):

The instance UPM:

I’ve also tried to uninstall/reinstall the app, but it doesn’t change anything.

Thanks in advance

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This seems to be some kind of bug or oversight indeed, please watch and vote for the following issue to raise Atlassian’s priority to address this odd limitation:

Note that I also asked about a semantic oddity with how this seems to be designed, not sure whether or not that’s in any way related to renaming simply not working at all right now:

It also seems slightly odd to (apparently) tie a cross-environment concern to an environment specific CLI command btw., maybe this could be adjusted when addressing this limitation? For example, I would have expected to be able to ‘change’ the registration via forge register and a resp. CLI option or so?

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Hey, thanks for suggesting this ticket (I’ve looked in the Jira Forge project but only with the “renaming” term). Voted and watched.

Hi @clement_garin, note that it is now possible to rename your app via the developer console. Hope this helps.