Rendering CustomFieldType in Jira Macro


On Jira Server, we’ve created a Checklist CustomFieldType which uses custom velocity templates for rendering in the Issue screens.

We’re trying to have it render properly in the Jira Macro in Confluence.

  • The macro uses JQL to obtain the issues to display
  • The issues are displayed as a table in the Display Options
  • The custom field was added to the list of columns to display.

The macro seems to be only using the velocity template (which is defined in our atlassian-plugin.xml) whose name is xml which doesn’t give a good value output in confluence.

  • Has anyone ever managed to created a custom renderer for CustomFieldTypes for the Jira Macro in Confluence?
  • Is another Velocity Template resource name to be defined in the atlassian-plugin.xml?
  • In case there isn’t, can macros share information between them in the Confluence pages? (IE we could create a custom macro and pull the JQL and shown columns from the Jira Macro to then replace the rendered value in the columns) I know I can get the page’s content with the <ac> tags but I would prefer to not parse strings if avoidable.

Thank you