Rendering of forge custom fields on agile cards, roadmap etc

Having created a custom field with module “jira-custom-field-ui-kit” and put that on an agile card of a scrum or kanban project via card layout, it is not rendered. Instead, the internal storage data like string-value is shown on the card. The render function displays an image and text on the issue view correctly but not on other positions referencing that custom field in Jira: what am I making wrong?

This component can be used in Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk to render the field in the new issue view.

This component can only be used in Jira company-managed projects.

You don’t do anything wrong, it’s just not supported currently.
I talked to atlassian about it some time ago as we want to use this custom field in many different views (issue search column, gadgets and so on).
Here is the issue I created:

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