Report add-on. Getting trouble

I’m developing report using atlassian-connect tool.
My app successfully register. I can run report.
My nodejs server recieve message on url “/my-custom-report-url”
I check incoming request for parameters and can’t see information about project.
This information present in brouser url parameters but it never comes with request to nodejs server.
I tried to use special context variables {} in hbs template but it never populated.
How can i get information about where i run my report ?

Can you post the the part of your atlassian-connect.json where you’ve declared my-custom-report-url ? You’ll need to declare the {} as part of the url. ie. /my-custom-report-url?project={}

“modules”: {
“jiraReports”: [
“key”: “my-custom-report”,
“name”: {“value”:“My Custom Report”},
“description”: {“value”:“My Custom Report”},
“url”: “/my-custom-report-url”,
“reportCategory”: “other”,
“thumbnailUrl”: “/report.png”