Report generation in jira (Python or Java)?

Hi , I am new to jira plugin development . I am developing a jira plugin for report generation. My reports will include excel files and different visual charts like pie chart , histogram etc.
Which language should I use for my task ?
Python (using Rest Apis of Jira ) or Java ?

Usually I suggest using the language which you are most comfortable with, but in this case it might be easier with Java since there are lots of existing discussions/threads and guides for Java implementations

Thankyou @Taylan , Can you suggest some tutorial or guide for generating charts in Java for Jira ?

There are many report and chart generation apps in Atlassian Marketplace (like eazyBI which we have been building for 10 years). I don’t think that it is a good idea to start building a new Jira plugin for report generation just for one specific customer, especially, if you do not have experience in doing this. I would recommend that at first, you evaluate all existing apps before building something from scratch.

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