Reported issue with saving macros

I have a couple of issues that I have reported in ecosystem, and I am wondering if there can be some momentum to start addressing them.

The first issue is The issue was reported 2 months ago without any activity since. This is a reproducible bug where the macro is lost when the page is published. Could there be some traction to look into it. The issue involved customer data loss. We periodically receive complaints from customers about the macro being lost after the page is published, and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it. We would really appreciate some efforts into investigating the robustness and reliability of the macro editor in Confluence cloud.

The second issue is In this issue, subsequent saves of a macro creates a new macro with each save. This issue is 3 months old without any activity. One of our developer even identified the line of code causing the bug in the all.js file with the potential fix and added the solution in a comment, but also no traction. Can that issue be looked into as well?


It looks like CE-1145 is being worked on, new ticket at CONFCLOUD-58847 is tracking progress.