Reposition Atlaskit flag in the users viewport of the forge app

Hello, I’m working on a Forge app where we are using the flag provider component provided by Atlaskit. We use these flags to display notifications. The height of our iframe is dynamic and adjusts based on the content inside it. The parent element of the iframe has a scrollable view. When the height of our iframe increases, the parent element becomes scrollable as well.

The issue we are facing is that when the parent element is scrollable, the flags always appear at the bottom of the page, which is not visible to the users initially. To make the notifications visible, the users need to scroll the page.

We have attempted to retrieve the scroll position of the parent element from within the iframe, but we are unable to access anything outside of the iframe. This limitation prevents us from placing the flags inside the viewport of the parent element.

We are looking for suggestions or ideas on how we can achieve the task of placing the flags within the viewport of the parent element, even when it is scrollable. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Have you tried using the showFlag method on the Custom UI bridge as an alternative to the Atlaskit component?

Yes, I tried it but the problem still persists.