Repository Banner Client Web Panel

I’m having trouble adding a repository banner client-web-panel to our plugin. I’ve got the following in my atlassian-plugin.xml:

    <!-- Pull Request Client Resources -->
    <client-resource key="pull-request-resources" name="Pull Request Client Resources">
            Client resources (stylesheets, javascript, etc.) used by
            components of the plugin specific to the pull request pages.
        <directory location="/css/pull/" />
        <directory location="/js/pull/" />
        <directory location="/soy/pull/" />

    <client-web-panel name="Pull Request Repository Banner"
        key="pull-request-repo-banner" location="bitbucket.web.repository.banner" weight="10">
            Web panel component used to handle the display of the pull request banner.
        <resource name="view" type="soy" location="${atlassian.plugin.key}:pull-request-resources/" />

The soy file is pretty bare-bones at the moment:


 * @param content the text of the banner to display.
{template .bannerTest}

Hello world, content: $content 



(function($) {

    // Set up our namespace = || {};
    company.pull = company.pull || {};

     * Context provider function
    function getBannerContent(context) {
        console.log("getBannerContent called");
        return "Nothing";

    /* Expose the client-context-provider function */
    company.pull.getBannerContent = getBannerContent;

As far as I can tell with chrome’s console, the context provider isn’t even being called, and there’s no evidence that anything related to the plugin is happening in the log files when viewing a page in a repository. Is there something I’m missing?

bitbucket.web.repository.banner is a web-panel, not a client-web-panel.

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Drat. I just noticed that this morning while looking at the available panels again this morning. Sometimes taking a bit of a break helps too. :sweat_smile: Thanks for the response!

I only knew offhand because I added a banner in one of my instances just last night at that exact same location. No worries and good luck!