Request create property panel Condition Evaluation

I would like to display the “Request Create Property Panel” module in my project but only for specific RequestTypes in one specific ServiceDesk instance.

I was looking through the Conditions documentation and I think a Jira Expression context variable [1] is what I need.

I’d like to use the CustomerRequest context variable [2] but the docs aren’t clear whether requestType resolves to the type of request the user is about to fill out or if it resolves to the created request after a user submits the form.

Alternatively, is there some other expression value I can evaluate to determine whether Jira should display the module or not?


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I have the same requirement and have followed the same path as you so far and can’t find a way of elegantly doing this - were you able to find a solution @david.gunter?

We’re currently rendering the UI on every request create property panel in our jira instance and then programmatically hiding it as appropriate. But this approach is risky and not elegant.

I was not able to find a solution using the JSD contexts, no. I’m doing the same thing you are: hiding the content programmatically :frowning:

I would be helpful if the Jira expression for the Request Property Panel supported filtering by request type, but it looks like Atlassian has excluded that value from the context that’s evaluated by the Expression.