Request re GDPR changes on server

Hi Atlassian Devs :slight_smile:

I have a request re the GDPR-related changes mentioned in :

I want to start by saying that these changes are (at least from my perspective) not unexpected after the cloud changes and as a European citizen, I’ll say that they’re much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m guessing, though, that these changes will likely come to the other server products as well, so I was hoping that you could coordinate them with the other product teams to prevent too much product-specific code from being introduced.

The article mentioned that the SPI will be located in com.atlassian.jira and that is suboptimal from a cross-product perspective. Maybe you could introduce a new package in the SAL that would include these changes instead?

That would be a huge help to those of us vendors who develop and maintain cross-product apps. While it is certainly possible to introduce product-specific code, maintaining 5 separate code paths for basically the same thing is suboptimal from a code deduplication perspective. And while several of those examples already exist, we’d like to prevent another one of these from happening while it’s still in the planning phase.

Thanks for your consideration!

PS: If someone of the Developer Relations staff hanging around here could please make sure the Jira Server team reads this, I’d be grateful :slight_smile:


CC: @mpaisley @drauf


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Hi @tobitheo,

Thank you for the feedback and the request for a cross-product approach illustrated with your use case. We will consider how to tackle this on our end and get back to you.

Changes related to ‘the right to be forgotten’ have been shipped by two Server products. The release notes are linked here: Confluence 6.13 and Bitbucket 6.16. In the near future Jira team will be applying the changes as described in the post and will evaluate the next steps.



HI all,

you may have a look on this two GDPR-AddOns. With this AddOns you will be able to be fully complianced to the European GDPR-Policies.

Best Regards

How do these changes play out with JIRA Instances and accounts served by Crowd/AD?

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You are right that those changes will come to the other server products. We are coordinating them between the product teams. We are also considering centralized approach which would be most likely done through Crowd. This will definitely not come before each of the product itself have it implemented.