"resolution" field missing from issues in response from search API

Hi everyone. I’m trying to use an application that interacts with the Jira server REST API. It is relying on a “resolution” field being present in the results from the /rest/api/2/search endpoint, but in my Jira Server (v7.11.1), that field does not exist in the “fields” property of the issue object.

Does anyone know if this is a limitation of the Jira Server version I am using? Or is there some configuration within Jira that I can enable to cause this field to appear in the list of fields for the issues?

Thank you

Hello @chadxzs

Jira Server v7.x.x is pretty old now. I don’t have access to a v8 Jira Server to check what fields it has, but Jira Cloud has that field as a system field, so it’s reasonable to for Deliotte’s tool to expect that field to exist.

You could add a custom field with the name ‘Resolution’, then add that field to the screen schemes for the appropriate projects, but if the tool is referencing the field by its ID, then it won’t work, since custom fields have their ID in the format ‘customfield_nnnnn’. Your only hope is that the tool references the field by its name, which will match.

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I can confirm it’s not a limitation of your version of Jira. To @sunnyape’s point, this is most certainly cause by a problem of configuration and specifically to the configuration of a particular issue type’s fields on a screen scheme. Fortunately, the key for “Resolution” is stable as resolution, so you won’t have to worry about the customfield_nnnnn problem. (Fair warning, @sunnyape is right that some “out of the box” Jira fields are custom fields and are not guaranteed to have a known key.)

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